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MHungry POS( Point Of Sale Solution) Overview

MHungry POS Overview
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MHungry POS is a full featured point of sale. It is very simple and easy to use. Its helps store to increase efficiency, enhance productivity, improved customer satisfaction, reduce operation cost and increase returns of investment.

Take credit card payment, print invoice, pop cash drawer, use different types of builders, split and combine bill, view table layout. This allows for pleasant and smooth transactions resulting in customer satisfaction. Keeping in mind for your Operators we design POS so simple and easy to use.

It is compatible with windows machine and also touch screen enable. Visit us at:

MHungryPOS Features

  • Easy to setup
  • Touch screen enable design
  • User-friendly screens, big fonts for important figures like subtotal, total, change and quantity etc.
  • Employee Clock In, Clock Out, Take Break and also integrated Login Session
  • View employee schedule and clock history
  • Different types of startup page
  • Create DineIn, Bar, Delivery, TakeOut and DriveThru order
  • Change active order’s service type
  • View table layout
  • View customer list
  • Assign and remove customer from active order
  • Assign and change table at DineIn and Bar orders
  • Assign delivery address and charge
  • View 12 menu items at a time. It can be based on menu group also.
  • Search menu items by their code or name during order
  • Modify order items
  • Chage order item prince
  • Add modifiers
  • Integrated with different types of builder likes pizza, sandwitch, burger etc.
  • Exclude and include modifiers
  • Add and Remove Tips
  • Add and Remove Surcharge
  • Add and Remove Discount
  • Exampt Tax
  • Apply Customer Credits
  • Apply Rewards
  • Apply Store Gift Card
  • Apply Customer’s inHouse Charge Account
  • Use Mhungry Card
  • Save order As Name
  • Kitchen print
  • Hold order items
  • Invoice print
  • Split bill
  • Combine order
  • Take cash, credit card, Check payments
  • Refund Cash
  • Settled order
  • Recall and void orders
  • Search order via order name
  • Search order via customer phone and name
  • Search order via order no

  • Cash Register
  • Search order via order no
  • Cash Register
  • Open, Verify and Close Cash Tray
  • Search order via order no
  • Cash Register
  • Open, Verify and Close Cash Tray
  • Verify Credit card payments
  • Apply petty cash
  • Cash Tray Summary
  • Customer list and search by phone, mobile or name
  • Update Customer details
  • Take Customer’s InHouse Charge Account payment
  • View Customer past orders, rewards, transactions
  • Create reorder from their past order
  • Add Customer credits
  • Refund orders
  • Re-Open Past orders
  • Modify past orders and make readjustment of payment, tips, tax, service charge
  • Setup payment gateway setup
  • Have different types of payent gateway for credit card processing
  • Full featured credit card processing
  • Verify bank settlement
  • Issue rewards in associate with
  • Imports online orders from
  • Manage mhungry orders
  • Hostess system also integrated with pos
  • View floor status
  • Create reservation
  • Import online reservation from
  • Update reservations locally as weel as online
  • Create dinein and bar order from reservatiob
  • Assign drive to delivery order
  • Update delivery status
  • View order delivery address direction at google map


  • Single User
    • Window XP or higher
    • 1 GB Ram or higher
  • Multi User
    • Server machine
    • Client machine
    • Contact us for more information

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